Shia LaBeouf Retiring From Public Eye?

resizedimageShia LaBeouf is retiring? The former Disney star, Louis Stevens from the series Even Stevens has announced some news, he s retiring. This comes out following being criticized for plagiarism.

Then the twenty seven year old who moved on to the film Holes will be stepping out of the limelight after he had no choice but to apologize for plagiarising author Daniel Clowes‘ graphic novellas, ‘Justin M. Damiano,’ for his short film ‘’.

He wrote on Twitter this morning (10.01.14):

”In light of the recent attacks against my artistic integrity, I am retiring from all public life.”
He added: ”My love goes out to those who have supported me. #stopcreating.”

He has not made it clear if he is stopping acting all together or is he just not going to so any more interviews and being active on his social media platforms. The ‘Transformers’ star has been getting feed back by Lena Dunham, Girls star because he he hired some body to write a five mile wide message in the sky above Los Angeles on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2014 which read ‘

‘I AM SORRY DANIEL CLOWES,” in an attempt to make peace for plagiarising the comic book writer’s work.

Since his initial apology to Daniel, Shia has purposefully plagiarised apologies from many figures and sources in popular culture and posted them on his Twitter feed but Daniel’s publisher Eric Reynolds branded them ”insincere” and said the writer was ”exploring his legal options”.
He added: ”I imagine airplane messaging is the norm in Hollywood, but someone really should have informed Mr. LaBeouf that Mr. Clowes lives in the Bay Area [in Northern California] before he went to all that trouble.”

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