Meryl Streep Says Society Devalues The Older Women!

ggMeryl Streep says society devalues older woman. The Mama Mia actress is widely regarded as one of the greatest film actresses of all time and what she believes is that western world makes women feel worthless as they start ageing. Yesterday, January 16, 2014 she joked that she must be past her prime since she is sixty four years old because of the emphasis placed on looks in the western world.
Speaking on ITV’s ‘Daybreak‘, she explained: ”I do think in our western culture your worth as a woman is devalued according to how

beautiful or not great looking you are. The first thing women say to each other is,

‘You look great!’ That just isn’t the first thing men say to each other. They say, ‘How are you?’ It’s a cliché. The second wife comes because the first one gets old.”

The legendary star says she is proud of her daughters, Mami and Grace for going down the same road that she did towards an acting career. Quizzed whether it was tough for them to be the iconic Meryl Streep’s children, she said:

”For them to choose this profession in spite of that… Many of my friends are nowhere near as successful [as me]. They are equally as talented, as gifted, as energetic, as hard-working, but it just hasn’t hit for them.

”[My daughters] know all the things that can happen, but they do it in spite of that. So I think, ‘Well, hell, good for you!’ ”

She also admitted that at times her co stars are intimidated by her that they can’t concentrate on set. Meryl laughed:

”At the first reading of anything, I do have a sense that people are watching me and not paying attention to what they’re supposed to be doing sometimes. The first time I forget my lines or read the wrong thing, people relax.”

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