Margot Robbie Worried About Repercussions Of Wolf Of Wall Street Nudity

UntitledMargot Robbie, says she is worried about the Wolf of Wall Street (Jordan Belfort) nudity. The former star of the Soap Opera Neighbours (Donna Freedman) is thinking about the repercussions of stripping off for movie may do. The Australian actress says of course she feels nervous over her naked bod being out some how over the internet.

She told Britain’s LOOK magazine:

”[Nudity is] different in this day and age, because of the internet. It was like, if I do this there will forever be YouTube clips of this, there will be slow-motion versions.
”It’s not just the repercussions for myself – my brothers and my grandparents have to deal with that. So it’s not something to be taken lightly.”

But she said taking a risk to do this art was oh so worth as she was Leonardo DiCaprio’s on-screen wife and truly that as a once in a lifetime opportunity. The twenty three year old explains,

‘There’s no reason why she’s taking her clothes off, that’s just stupid, it’s just nudity for the sake of nudity.’ That I do not agree with, ever.
”But when the nudity is warranted, I don’t think there’s anything shameful in that. If it’s justified and the character would do it, then it should be there.”

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