Lauren Goodger Gets Boob Job For More Confidence

resizedimageLauren Goodger feels ‘sexier’ after boob job. Goodger is an English television personality and glamour model , she did star in The Only way is Essex. Well she just went under a breast enlargement now she feels this decision she made has been her best. She has gone from a 34D sized breasts to a ”very natural” 34E, she was hoping to gain some confidence.

Quizzed on whether she’s pleased with her new look, she said:

”Yeah, I am. I know you guys probably look and think, ‘Oh she’s definitely had them done,’ but I don’t feel that much different. You kind of forget that you’ve had them done. They’re very similar to my old boobs but they’ve got more volume rather than them flopping down a bit. They’re very natural.”

In an interview with new! Magazine, she added:

”I felt like it was time – my body’s changed. I felt uncomfortable with it and wanted to make myself a bit sexier.”

It took two weeks in her bed for recovery, while a family friend had taken care of her. She added:

”I was all right, actually. I had to stay in bed for a couple of days but I was up and about, went to my sister’s. I just looked after myself and I was being looked after by my aunt. They’re still healing now.”

The twenty eight reveals why at first she wanted to keep this news secretive. She said: ‘

‘I didn’t want to tell anyone at first because it’s a private matter. It’s something personal to me. It’s not something I pranced around telling everyone.”

She added:

”It’s not something I want to promote to younger girls because I’m 28 now and it’s something I’ve done personally for me.”

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