Kevin Bacon,55, Learns Lessons From Wife Kyra Sedgwick

resizedimageKevin Bacon‘s lessons from wife. The star is well for his roles in Footloose, Tremors and much more and he went to his wife Kyra Sedgwick for the advice he need when he had been cast in television show The Following. The also fifty five year old musician spouse taught him just how to be the lead role in the film. The reason he asked her after twenty fives years of marriage, who would know him better. plus she has more experience in television than he does.

He said:

”She taught me what it was like to be the lead on a show and I even got to direct her a few times.”

Bacon is excited over excited for his role in this upcoming thriller.

Kevin, 55, added he is excited to have a part in a TV thriller, because small screen shows are so
He added

: ”It’s sort of a golden age for television I watch so much TV now.”
However, Kevin did have to get fit for some of the scenes in the second series of ‘The Following’.
He said: ”I didn’t transform myself, but I started running a lot more. There are foot chases and I like to go all out if I can.”

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