Justin Bieber,19, Heading For A Meltdown Claims Model Carmen Ortega!

resizedimageJustin Bieber could be headed to a meltdown according to his new friend model Carmen Ortega. He could be following in the footsteps of Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes. The nineteen year old, who just had his latest run in being arrested for DUI just last week, Ortega believes that it is his entourage who is to blame, leading him astray and she fears the consequences will be “severe”.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Carmen said:

“I feel like he doesn’t have good people around him. I fear for him, of course, if he doesn’t make the right choices, it can lead to bad things.

“Look at Britney, or Amanda Bynes, or even worse Michael Jackson. He could end up dead. He needs to be near his family or the consequences could be severe.

“This episode is really messing him up, it’s so difficult right now to be Justin Bieber as he’s surrounded by people who are giving him bad advice and egging him on to do crazy things. He’s a sweet kid, but he’s alienating his whole family.”

She also thinks Bieber should enter rehab, before thing get worse. She explained:

“I think rehab would be so good for him. He needs help. He needs therapy. As someone who knows Justin, I’m asking his management or mum to intervene now before it’s too late.”

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