Carole King Refuses To Watch Broadway Musical About Her

resizedimageCarole King is too shy to watch her own Broadway musical. She is a singer and songwriter and she just refuses to watch a new Broadway musical which is based solely on her amazing successful career, as she is”very reluctant” having her whole life story to play on stage, this is according to her daughter.

The actress, Jessie Mueller, who has portrayed her in You’ve Got A Friend hitmaker in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical has been getting many winning reviews. It opened in January, 2014. However Sherry Goofin, who is her daughter and manager says her mother is just too shy and she has decided to stay away from the public eye.

Goffin, who helped to bring the show to fruition, tells the New York Daily News,

“She’s always been a private person and very publicity-shy. She values her home life more than she values her stardom.

“She was very reluctant to let this (musical) happen, and God bless her, she put her trust in me and said, ‘I’m going to let this happen, I’m putting this in your hands, I’m trusting you.’”

King, though has shown much support and sent her best wishes. In a post on, she wrote,

“The real Goffin & King, Mann & Well wish the whole company of Beautiful a great opening night and a long, joyous run!”

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