Bobbi Kristina Brown Granted Blessing By Grandmother To Wed Informally Adopted Nick Gordon!

resizedimageBobbi Kristina Brown did get her Grandmother’s blessing. The daughter of the late Whitney Houston did by Cissy Houston before she wed Nick Gordon earlier this week, although in the past she had given criticize to their relationship. See what the story is that Brown wed the twenty four who was informally adopted by Houston when he was just twelve years old. The couple are planning in 2015 a ceremony because they would like their family to celebrate with them, which includes Cissy Houston.

 Asked if she got permission from her grandmother, who questioned whether Nick was good enough for Bobbi in an open letter last year, before getting married, the 20-year-old star told gossip website

”Yes, I did. She’s very happy.”

Nick, who insisted they are ‘officially” married, added:

”We did. We saw her at our cousin’s sweet sixteen and she gave us her blessing.”

The couple, who live in Atlanta, Georgia and are hoping to honeymoon in Fiji or the UK, also claimed Whitney would have been thrilled for them.

Nick said:

”This is what she wanted.”
Bobbi added: ”Oh my God, I could tear up, this is exactly what she wanted. Us together is exactly what she wanted.”
Her new husband also confirmed the couple are planning a much more lavish celebration next year, and said: ”You know what, next year the ceremony will be beautiful. It will be very intimate.”

 Bobbi and Nick announced their engagement in October 2012, and their romance had been given widespread disapproval. They then called off their engagement but then in 2013 they recommitted.

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