Sharon Osbourne’s Brother Feels Tt’s Time To Heal Family Bitter Rift!

resizedimageSharon Osbourne‘s brother wants to make peace. Osbourne is a popular English television host and known for being a judge on America’s Got Talent. The reason why he would like to be on speaking terms with her again is because he wants to show his support to his nephew Jack, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease he, himself is battling.

David Arden believes it’s time to bury the hatchet with his sister and her family. Sixty one year old Sharon and David had a fallen out over where their father was to be buried, Don Arden, who passed away in 2007. He too is battling the affects of MS, which attacks the nervous system, he believes he will be a good support system for twenty eight year old Jack.

He explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper:

”I’m the only other person in the family that has it – I know when I was first diagnosed I wanted to speak to fellow MS sufferers, I’m sure Jack feels the same.

”I’m not entirely sure what will happen, but before I die it would be wonderful to see the family back together again.”

David is hoping Sharon – who described her parents as ”destructive” role models in her autobiography ‘Unbreakable’ – will stop making negative comments about the family.

He said:

”I’m sick and tired of Sharon badmouthing our parents. It’s really distressing. This has got to stop. I’m prepared to make peace with her for the sake of Jack. I’m battling the same illness and I want to try and be there for him.”

Jack found out he had the disease last year and David remember his heartbreak when he was told his nephew was diagnosed.

He added:

”I remember when I found out Jack had been diagnosed, I had come back from having wonderful treatment at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London. I had all these steroids pumping into me.

”Then a dear friend of mine called me and said, ‘Can you believe it? Your nephew’s got MS.’ I was like, ‘Holy s**t.’ It was awful to hear that he was diagnosed.

”I have been living with it for a long time now and nobody else in the family has it. I’d love to give him advice but I wouldn’t want to put him under pressure to defy mummy.”

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