Paul Walker’s Dad Pleaded With Him To Quit ‘Daredevil Stuff’

resizedimagePaul Walker‘s dad told him to quit ‘daredevil stuff’ . The Fast and the Furious star’s father says that told his son to promise not to do theses anymore during their last conversation before the popular actor lost his life in a horrible crash on Saturday, November 30, 2013.

Paul Walker Sr. does admit that he had much concern for his sons daring activities and the very last time we ever spoke he was killed when a car he was a passenger in along with his friend Roger Rodas smashed hit a pole and burst into flames just following a charity car show in Santa Clarita, California, he pleaded with the forty year old star to be careful.

In an emotional interview with E! News, he said:

”The last conversation we had, I sat there, I looked at him and I said, ‘You know, I love you very much. I love all of you. And we’re all very, very close. If anything was to happen to anybody in this family, it would be a rough deal.’

”I said, ‘Promise me, no more daredevil stuff.’ I said, ‘If in your heart, you say, I can do this, then by all means, do it. If your mind says, maybe not. Then don’t.’ I looked at him, I said, ‘Will you promise me that?’

”I said, ‘You know, promises are a very important thing here, Paul.’ I said, ‘Say OK,’ and he said, ‘OK.’ You know a lot of us, sometimes we make promises and get caught up in the moment and stuff like that, but I can tell I got to him. I can tell that I was very serious. Sometimes sons think of their fathers and their grandfathers as these bigger than life people.”

Paul’s father has also said that he did give Walker’s fifteen year old daughter a hug and kiss following her dad;s death but he has prepared himself for the hard time coming he will have to have a conversation about her Dad.

He added:

”She’s so sweet and beautiful … I’m gonna have a real hard time talking with Meadow. I really am. It’s gonna be a tough deal. Gonna be real rough.

”It’s hard to get to Meadow because she’s got so many people close to her that are loving her and we want that.”

Paul Sr. also admitted his son would be ”embarrassed” at all the attention he was receiving following his death because he was uncomfortable with fame.

He explained:

”It was embarrassing to him, I thought last night, ‘Paul would be so embarrassed of this.’ And I looked up at the sky and I said, ‘Well, tough luck, pal.’ ”

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