Big Brother 15, Week 3 – Aaryn Gries & Kaitlin Nominated For Eviction!

This is Big Brother 15 week 3, where Aaryn Gries and Kaitlin have been nominated for eviction.

Hollywood Hills reports:According to a new report from Big Brother Network and the live feeds,reigning HOH, Helen Kim decided to put up Aaryn Gries and Kaitlin Barnaby for eviction yesterday,July 12th.

However, Helen and company are currently swearing to both Aaryn and Kaitlin that they are not the targets this week, because they want to use the whole MVP twist to boot out Jeremy, somehow.

There’s a whole big elaborate plan to either backdoor Jeremy or either have Elissa just straight up nominate him if she wins the MVP vote again this week, which will most-likely happen. It’s reported that the Kaitlin nomination was a bit of a surprise ,but Aaryn apparently knew she was going up as Helen told her she would be a pawn.

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