Camilla Parker-Bowles Warns That Prince William Will Cheat After Baby Born! Kate Middleton In Tears! (PHOTO)

One must honestly wonder if Camilla Parker-Bowles actually gets off on being a nasty, evil mother-in-law or if its such a natural thing to her that she thinks nothing of it.

Gossip Center reports: As for the latest instance of Camilla showing off her true stripes, it likely is connected to the royal baby that is due in a few weeks. Kate’s child is just another person for Camilla to take aim at and she has been doing it in a low key manner for months now. It’ll only get worse as the due date approaches! Camilla even told Kate that after the royal heir is born William will start to cheat on her like his father, Prince Charles, cheated on his mother, Princess Diana!  And we all who the married mistress was who Charles cheated with!!

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