The Vampire Diaries Season 5 To See More Bonnie!

Bonnie is to show up a lot more often and more in the new spoilers of Vampire Diaries season 5

Hollywood Hills reports: Recently, TV Guide got right down to business,retrieving initial, Vampire Diaries season 5 spoiler teases. It turns out that we’ll see Bonnie struggle with a lack of human connection. Katherine may or may not try to reclaim her vampire ways,and much more.

To kick things off, Julie revealed/confirmed that they don’t really have any near future plans in the works to introduce more doppelgangers. Next, she revealed that everyone is is going to learn pretty quickly that the Stefan doppelganger is Silas, stating, “Truth be told, I don’t think it’ll be too long.

I think that there’s more fun to be played with people learning quickly, but independently of the other so there’s a lot of good bait-and-switch Katherine-style stuff that could happen early in the season. And people that know Stefan well will be able to catch on pretty quickly I would hope.”

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