The Vampire Diaries – Katherine To Run From Past Enemies!

Katherine is to be on the run from the past enemies and more in season 5 of Vampire Diaries

Hollywood Hills reports:Ok, so TV Line got their turn to chat it up with Vampire Diaries Executive Producer, Julie Plec,and she dropped a whole slew of new spoiler teasers for season 5,and it turns out that we’re gonna see poor Katherine in a very terrible position as she’s pissed off a lot of people,and more.

To kick things off Julie revealed that Silas’ agenda will still be the same even though the vampire cure is no longer on the table,stating, “I can say that he’ll definitely be coming back to town when we get back into the next season.

His agenda has always been to cure himself, to get rid of the other side so that he could then die and pass over and find peace. That will remain his agenda. The question is: How will he go about it? Everything he meant to do this year blew up in his face.

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