Elsa Pataky: ‘The Most Sensual Parts Of A Women Is The Back’

This is the cover of Women‘s Health magazine featuring Elsa Pataky for the June 2013 issue.

On marriage and hectic career schedules:
“It’s a good moment for him [Chris], so I’m looking for special roles, and, like, if it moves me inside. The family is our priority. We both make an effort and give up things. [When you have a baby] you really have to change the way you view life. It’s not just about you, but it’s amazing.”

On the dangerous scenes in “Fast & Furious 6″:
“There was a sign that said ‘No Jumping,’ and there was this moment when I thought, ugh, I’m doing a bad thing. And then my a** was so red from the impact. I looked like one of those monkeys with the red bum. It was so worth it. I loved it. I love that [moment when you're like] ‘Eeeee!’”

On the best body part on a woman:
“It’s such a silly thing, but I feel like one of the most sensual parts of a women is the back. And sometimes dresses are really beautiful in the back. I know people look at the bum, but you know, you work hard for it! It is hard to maintain and needs a lot of exercise. You have to work it.”

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