Arrow Season 2 Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer & TV Guide!

Arrow season 2 has tons of new spoilers ready to be dished out by the TV guide and producer

Hollywood Hills reports: Recently, TV Guide pulled out a ton of new season 2 Arrow spoilers out of Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim, and it turns that we’re going to see more heroics from Thea and Roy,more island drama issues,death questions get answered,and more.

To kick off their spoiler edition, Marc revealed that Laurel will feel guilty about Tommy’s death,stating, “she’s going to feel some fairly overwhelming guilt because people, particularly like Ross and Rachel, can argue whether or not Laurel and Tommy were on a break when Laurel slept with Oliver in the penultimate episode. The thing that’s pretty much indisputable is the fact that Laurel, by sleeping with Oliver, chose Oliver over Tommy and yet it was Tommy who came to save her.

She feels an enormous amount of guilt over, “Did I pick the wrong guy?” These will all be things we’re exploring in Season 2. The reason we did it wasn’t just to end the season on an impactful note. It really was to create all sorts of different stories and dramatic conflicts in Season 2.”

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