The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 All Stars – Eliminates Omarosa!

The Celebrity Apprentice season 2013 all-stars sadly eliminated Omarosa last night on the fourth episode.

Hollywood Hills reports: The show started off with a little bit of conversation footage. They chatted about Omarosa being able to ,somehow,escape getting nominated for firing for the 2nd, consecutive time. From there, Trump and company revealed their tasks, which was to create original, three-dimensional artwork,and then sell it. The winner would be decided by simply who raised the most amount of cash/money.

Since team Power’s team had dwindled down too short,Trump decided to put Chase Adkins on their side for this challenge. Then Lil John was chosen to be project manager for team Power,and Lisa Rinna took over project manager duties for team Plan B.

Next, they showed the two teams ,setting up how they would pull off this artsy task,and deciding what artwork they would try to create. At one point, adviser Piers Morgan, visited both the teams to see how everything was progressing. Needless to say, Omarosa wasn’t thrilled to see him.

After a break, they showed the two teams,doing their whole artsy thing,and collecting money for the task. After all that madness was complete,they showed even more madness in the boardroom. Lisa was quick to hop on Stephen Baldwin’s case for only raising $5,000 for their team. However, Stephen explained that he was confused about the task,claiming he had scheduled buyers to shell out $25,000 to $30,000 for his work,but was unaware that other people from his team, could sell his artwork before he got a chance to sell it.

Shortly after that, team Power said a few things before Trump finally revealed that Lisa and team Plan B, totally won the challenge,bringing in over $400,000! So, at this point, team Power was left to debate their fate in the boardroom. Omarosa quickly jumped on Lil John’s case,claiming he was too laid back,and didn’t do enough to promote the paintings to make more cash. However,it just seemed like a last-ditch effort to save herself as Lil John actually raised the most amount of money for this task. Then sexy Brande Roderick,chimed in to say, she thought Omarosa should be fired.

After all was said and done, Dennis,Lil John,and Omarosa were bought back into the boardroom to plead their final cases to Trump. Piers immediately jumped on Omarosa’s case,claiming she’s not really a celebrity and can’t bring in the big bucks on the “raising money” tasks. Lil John also thought Omarosa should be fired. To cap off the arguments, Dennis and Omarosa went at it for at least 5 minutes as Dennis was Omarosa’s last plan of attack to save herself.

Unfortunately,Omarosa just straight up,ran out of luck as Trump ultimately fired her after tossing her a few kind words.

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