Tori Spelling’s Lies Exposed & Dean McDermott Obsessed With Another Woman!

This is the cover of Star magazine featuring Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott for the March 2013 issue.

Jezebel reports: “Tori’s Lies Exposed!”

If you care, which you don’t, Tori and Dean’s marriage is over. Phrases like “Dean’s bags are packed” and “Dean has completely checked out” and “He even has a secret bank account” and “He grabbed two bags of clothes and stormed out” and “Dean always keeps bags packed for exactly this kind of situation” pepper the story. Apparently Tori is in denial and they fight nonstop and Dean will walk out on Tori like he walked out on his first family — he was married to a woman named Mary Jo for 12 years when he left her for Tori.

Sad. Let’s move on! Vogue editor Anna Wintour has a dilemma: She loves Kanye West and hates Kim Kardashian. The Met ball is coming up, and in the past Kim hasn’t been invited, but Kanye is performing this year. Uh-oh! Vogue might end up doing an at-home feature with Kanye, Kim and the baby. Next, Bradley Cooper’s mom is a total vagblocker. She moved in after his father died and cooks, does his laundry and goes to red carpet events. Coop won’t bring ladies home while mom’s there, so relationship-wise, he’s going nowhere fast. Girls feud! Lena thinks Zosia is a total Debbie Downer; Zosia thinks success has gone to Lena’s head and that she’s ditched her pals for that rock and roll boyfriend.

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