The Walking Dead Season 3 Producer Spills Spoilers!

This is the Walking Dead Season 3 Producer has officially released spoilers about the upcoming show.

Hollywood Hills reports: Recently, , revealed some new spoilery “Walking Dead” dish straight from the producer at the recent Paleyfest event,and it turns out that we got to learn the first wave of season 4 spoilers as new producer ,Greg Nicotero, didn’t mind spilling the beans. It’s going to focus more on the individual character’s stories in order to get the audience more invested in them,and more.

Greg explained, “I think there may be a wee bit less of the run and gun. And we’ll get a little more into some of our characters. The challenge with a show like this, when you have a big ensemble, is you don’t want any of the characters to get lost. It’s important that we know what Carol’s story is and that we know what Beth’s story is.

And when you’re trying to service a lot of characters, it becomes challenging. Watching the first season of Walking Dead and seeing how grounded it was, that’s really important to all of us. Andy Lincoln and I spent a lot of time going through the scripts and making sure we feel that they’re grounded, because that’s what keeps our audience coming back.

The walkers and the gore and the action and stuff, that’s fun, that’s the popcorn part of it, but if you don’t have characters that people are invested in, you lose your audience.

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