The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 15 ‘This Sorrowful Life’ Spoilers! (VIDEO)

This is the Walking Dead season 3, episode 15 has officially released spoilers about the upcoming show.

Hollywood Hills reports:Recently, this 2nd,promo/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming “Walking Dead” episode 15 of season 3 ,hit the net. It looks pretty similar to the first one with a few extra frames. It definitely reveals that it’s going to be an intense episode as Michonne’s life is up for debate,and more.

The episode is called, “This Sorrowful Life.” In the new clip, Rick is spotted,telling the group, they are going to give Michonne up to the evil Governor. Merle tells Rick, he’s got no spine.

Merle reveals to Daryl that he thinks everyone is looking at him like he’s the devil. Awww,poor Merle. The clip caps off with Rick telling the group, they can stay and fight,or get the hell out of dodge. It looks pretty intense. Check it out,below. Episode 15 airs tomorrow night,March 24th at 8pm central time on AMC.

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