The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 All Stars – Eliminates La Toya Jackson!

The Celebrity Apprentice season 2013 all-stars sadly eliminated La Toya Jackson last night on the third episode.

Hollywood Hills reports: The episode started off with some conversation footage,followed by Trump and the Crystal light team ,dishing out the tasks to the celebs. The task was to perform a Soap Opera scene for Crystal Light,and they would be judged by audience reaction, creativity, and execution.

Last year’s champ, Arsenio Hall, returned to be an adviser for this episode. It was also revealed that the winning project manager would earn $50,000 for their charity. La Toya Jackson was the project manager for team Power, while Stephen Baldwin took over project manager duties for team Plan B.

Next, they showed footage of the teams engaging in their first stages of preparation. Latoya and Omarosa didn’t waste anytime at all,getting off to a bad start. Apparently, La Toya got real upset with Omarosa for undermining her authority and told her to be quiet. Then Omarosa got ticked off, and all hell broke loose.

La Toya also told the private cams that Omarosa probably gave her deceased fiancee, Michael Clarke Duncan, the heart attack that took him out, which was just really,really,cold and quite a low-blow. I can’t wait to see what Omarosa has to say about that in the finale show. Somebody might just get hit,lol!!!

A few moments later, Soap actor ,Jack Wagner, showed up to help out team Power ,while Soap actress ,Susan Lucci, arrived to help out team Plan B. At one point, Arsenio visited the two teams and was frightened for La Toya having to deal with Omarosa. La Toya told Arsenio, she was determined not to let Omarosa run all over her.

From there, they eventually showed the two team’s rehearsal footage,and Omarosa ,up and left due to a press emergency that had to do with Omarosa wanting to stop the release her deceased fiancee’s 911 heart attack phone calls. That didn’t sit well with team Power as Omarosa had one of the main roles in their show.

Eventually, Claudia Jordan took over Omarosa’s spot ,and the show went on. Omarosa didn’t end up returning until 3 or 5 minutes before they were set to perform live in front of the executives and the audience. At one point during team Power’s performance, La Toya made a big mistake by getting the name of the product wrong during one of her lines.

After the performances were completed, the executives revealed that they thought team Plan B made Crystal Light more of the center-piece of their production, while team Power made Crystal Light seem more like a prop. However,they did like how team Power introduced more flavors in their skit than Plan B did.

From there, they showed boardroom footage. La Toya and Omarosa immediately went back at each other’s throats when La Toya straight up, told Trump that Omarosa was a problem and tried to control everything. Also, the other team members back up La Toya in her argument, stating everything was harmonious when Omarosa left.

Stephen Baldwin told Trump, Gary Busey was the weakest player on his team,but still did a great job. All his other teammates backed him up on that opinion. As the conversation continued, Omarosa told Arsenio that she would always choose her fiancee over the Apprentice,and would not apologize for it.

Finally, Trump revealed that Plan B won the challenge and Steven Baldwin got $50,000 for his charity. Then team Power went over why their campaign failed to miss the mark,and Omarosa brought all kinds of heat down on La Toya, claiming she fouled up the brand messaging,and it didn’t have anything to do with her leaving. Omarosa also battled with Claudia at one point.

Then after all the crazy intense bickering, Latoya shocked us all by deciding to bring back Brande Roderick and Dennis Rodman for firing considerations instead of Omarosa! After that, Trump revealed that he couldn’t believe it,and kept asking Latoya if she was sure about her decision,and she said, yes, claiming Brande was responsible for the product placement issues and that Dennis wasn’t as aggressive as everyone else. It was just unreal.

After a break, Latoya,Dennis ,and Brande pleaded their final case to Trump in the boardroom. Trump still couldn’t understand why Brande was in the boardroom,because La Toya and the executives said she was great earlier in the show. From there, Latoya revealed that she thought Trump was falling for Omarosa’s fake crying act, so she decided to bring back Brande and Dennis instead.

Arsenio revealed that he thought La Toya was just afraid to battle Omarosa,so she avoided bringing her back for firing considerations. Latoya denied that claim,but also changed her mind ,and told Trump that she would bring Omarosa back if given a 2nd chance to. In response to that, Trump told La Toya, it was too late,and that it’s a shame that she didn’t choose Omarosa to come back,because now he had to fire her.

So, ii appears that La Toya was so afraid of getting burned by Omarosa that she ended up burning her own self instead,lol!!! It was so sad,and one of the weirdest scenarios I’ve ever seen. But yeah, Latoya’s gone and I think it was probably in her best interest,because she just really seemed very,very confused.

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