The Celebrity Apprentice 2013 All Stars – Eliminates Claudia Jordan!

The Celebrity Apprentice season 2013 all-stars sadly eliminated Claudia Jordan last night on the fourth episode.

Hollywood Hills reports: Tonight’s show started off with a little conversation footage,which revealed that Omarosa, like the rest of us, was completely shocked that La Toya Jackson didn’t bring her back to the boardroom to get fired in the last episode 3. They also showed footage of Stephen Baldwin giving his charity the $50,000 he won for being the winning project in the last episode.

Next, Trump revealed the task to the celebrities. They had to promote Farouk Systems hair products inside a glass truck,and they would be judged on creativity, brand messaging,and overall experience. Marilu Henner claimed project manager duties for team Plan B, while Cladia Jordan took the project manager duties for team Power. Arsenio Hall came back to be an adviser for this show as well ,along with Don trump Jr.

They revealed that the winning project manager would win 50,000, with a chance of getting up to another 50,000 for getting a dollar for every Facebook “like” they could get on a fan page they created. After all that was explained, the teams got to work on their projects. Farouk eventually visited them to give them an idea of what he wanted. Team Plan B decided to go with the slogan “Experience Silk” after Trace Adkins threw the idea out there in the midst of debating with Stephen.

Claudia told the private cams, she thought Omarosa brought a lot of negativity to the team,and hoped she wouldn’t return after she sent her and Dennis to get props. Claudia also referred to Omarosa as being a gargoyle too. So, yeah, we could now clearly see that Claudia definitely had a lot of built up animosity towards Omarosa.

Team Power decided to go with some type of salon theme,where each of the celebs posed with the product. At one point,Claudia found out that she couldn’t get Miss USA like she promised,because she lost her to Marilu,who had apparently judged the Miss USA competition that the Miss USA had won.

Next, they finally showed footage of the teams showing off their glass truck displays to be judged. Just before everything started, Omarosa tried to suggest to Claudia that they set up their display inside the glass truck like Plan B was doing,but Claudia just shrugged it off and actually got upset,claiming that Omarosa waited to long to input that idea,and that maybe she was trying to set her up for a boardroom failure.

Eventually, advisers ,Arsenio Hall and Don Trump Jr., visited the two glass truck displays. Claudia told Don Jr. that Omarosa and Dennis were the weakest members because they didn’t bring back a lot of the props she told them to get,and took forever getting what they did get. Claudia also got a fake Joan Rivers to run around for their display,which just really seemed quite weird.

Then Farouk made his rounds to visit the displays and gave his opinion. Next, boardroom footage was shown.Claudia’s team thought she did a great job. Claudia indicated that Lil John and Brande were her strongest players,especially Brande. However, Don Trump Jr. made Claudia admit to saying, she thought Omarosa and Dennis were the weakest, as she seemed afraid to admit it.

On team Plan B, Marilu said Gary Busey was the weakest member again. However, Gary actually said, Marilu did a great job as project manager. Baldwin tried to say, Marilu got distracted sometimes,and was even similar to Gary,which everyone disagreed with. Marilu also said, she would bring back Gary and Trace if they lost, since the executives indicated they didn’t like Trace’s slogan.

Eventually, Trump revealed that Marilu’s team won the challenge,leaving team Power alone in the boardroom to try and figure who would be next to get the boot. During that time,Trump revealed that Farouk actually thought their display should have been set up inside the glass truck,and that was one of the main things he didn’t like. In perfect form, Omarosa was quick to point out that she suggested to Claudia, they set up the display inside the truck. Ultimately, Claudia decided to pull a La Toya Jackson on us by bringing back Lil John and Dennis over Omarosa!

From there, Trump revealed that he thought that was a horrible decision after she said Lil John was one of her strongest members earlier in the show as did the executives. Arsenio and Don Trump Jr. revealed that they thought Claudia was afraid to battle Omarosa in the boardroom,which seemed like a pretty viable argument at that point in time.

Nevertheless, Claudia,Lil John,and Dennis eventually came back into the boardroom to battle it out. Claudia took a shot at Dennis, claiming he wasn’t as creative as the other people. She also took a shot at Lil John over the marketing,which the executives actually thought was great,lol!! Dennis finally showed some fight by presenting a defense that Omarosa set up a beauty salon theme outside of the glass truck,which the executives didn’t like.

After all that drama,Trump finally did what was inevitable ,and fired Claudia,stating she would’ve gotten fired even if she brought Omarosa back,further deepening the rejection wound.

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