The Amazing Race Season 22 Eliminates Jessica Hoel & John Erck!

Amazing Race season 22 has eliminated another couple last night, after Jessica Hoel and John Erck sadly left the show.

Hollywood Hills reports: Last night’s episode was a continuation of the last episode as it didn’t complete last week,and they showed the results of the last leg of the race. Apparently, Chuck & Wynona came in last place,but host Phil Keoghan told them, they weren’t eliminated,and could continue on to the next leg of the race.

The teams learned they had to head to Bali,Indonesia to get their next Clue. Once the teams got their first clue in Bali, they were directed to their detours. They got pick either the “Sandy Bottom” or “Fruity Top” detours. In the “Sandy Bottom” detour, the teams had to transport a lot of sand to the correct location to get their next clue. In the “Fruity Top” detour,the teams had to correctly prepare a religious fruit offering and deliver it to a priest for approval to get their next clue.

After successfully completing their detours, the teams had to hit up a surf beach to search for their next clue. From there, they were presented with a Road Block that required them to go to a surf shop and pick out the correct surf board based on a clue they were given,and then head for the pit stop for this leg of the race. Also, they had to have the correct board in order to check in. If they arrived with the wrong board, they had to keep going back until they got the right one.

David & Connor arrived in first place,and won $5,000 each. Winnie & Pam showed up in 2nd place, Max & Katie came in 3rd place, Caroline & Jen arrived in 4th place after getting the wrong surf board twice, Joey & Meghan took 5th place, Mona & Beth arrived in 6th place, Bates & Anthony showed up in 7th place, Jake & Wynona arrived in 8th place,and John & Jessica showed up last,so they got sent packing,and with much shame as they were told, they were the first team ever to get eliminated while holding an Express pass in their hands.

It turns out they could’ve used the Express pass to skip over the challenge that kept them lagging behind without incurring a penalty,but they chose to not use it ,and lose instead,lol! Jessica totally thought it was a mistake to not use it,while David tried to convince himself that it wasn’t a big deal at the end of the day. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that he will never ever be able to live that down. Stay

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