Superman, Man Of Steel – General Zod Becoming A Major Bad Ass!

Superman, Man Of Steel has revealed even more spoilers on how they are claiming that General Zod is going to become a major bad ass.

Hollywood Hills reports: As previously reported, a unanimous source by the name Verendus,dished some major new spoilers for the upcoming, highly anticipated “Superman: Man Of Steel” super hero/action flick on the message boardsafter getting to sit in on a Warner Bros. private screening session. In this segment of the review spoilers, we find out that General Zod is a major badass in the film, some of the weaker aspects the film had to offer,and more.

Verendus kicked off this particular segment,revealing more details about Henry Cavill’s reported awesome performance,stuff about Zod,and more ,stating, ” Henry Cavill is Superman to me now. I like his take on the character. I don’t really care necessarily how Superman/Clark Kent is in the comics. But Henry has a really good performance and brings a new Superman for the modern era. One who is powerful, strong, and inhumane in ability, yet also relatable and earns our sympathy. Also, damn Zod is badass. Too badass. He comes out with some next level quotes. I don’t even–”

After that ,he went on to explained what he felt was the weaker parts of the movie. It turns out that the Lois Lane plot took up that spot. He explained, “The weakest aspect of this movie is the Lois Lane/Clark Kent/Superman relationship. I don’t think Amy Adams turned in a bad performance, but in a movie which is quite tight and focused, this aspect was the weakest link. It kind of sticks out. The character on her own is fine, and her little crew are a very pleasant addition, but I think they could’ve stopped going Hollywood and left a little of the relationship development to a second movie.”

Next, we find out that Kevin Costner aka Jonathan Kent did not get a lot of screentime,but he was cool in the scenes he showed up in. Verendus stated, “Supporting cast is strong. Kevin Costner is really cool. The My-Cocaine of this movie. He’s not in it very long, but maybe I like those father figure characters. Also, Morpheus being all Morpheus and being pretty cool again.”

Just before wrapping up the review, Verendus revealed that he thought the music was good as well,and then capped it off,describing the feel of the movie,comparing it to Batman Begins and so on and so forth,stating, “I think I chose to compare this to Batman Begins for a few reasons. It feels similar, it’s also character focused, and it does a fantastic job of making you anticipate the next movie. There is a nice blend of serious character focus, and lighthearted humor in the movie.

The villains for the sequel are somewhat hinted, and this is a really strong first outing. It’s good, and one of the best superhero movies. More importantly, it’s brought Superman from being that little pussy who is always in the shadow of the Goddamn Batman, to more of an equal standing.” Man of Steel is scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 14th,2013.

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