Beauty And The Beast Season 1, Episode 16 ‘Insatiable’ Wild Spoilers! (3 VIDEOS)

This is the Beauty And The Beast season 1, episode 16 has officially released spoilers about the upcoming show.

Hollywood Hills reports: Recently, CW released these 3,new,sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “Beauty And The Beast” episode 16 of season 1, and they look pretty intense and interesting as Catherine gets yelled at,tries to sway the team off Vincent’s trail,and more.

The episode is called, “Insatiable.” In the first clip, Catherine tries to throw Evan off Vincent’s trail by suggesting he go with the attacks being caused by a animal instead of a man. In the 2nd clip, Catherine gets told she better capture the vigilante aka Vincent or get to steppin, after she tries to debate whether or not they should go after him.

It got pretty heated. In the 3rd clip, Executive Producer ,Kelly Souders, reveals some juicy spoilers that will be going down in the episode,along with some new clip footage,featuring a very steamy Catherine and Vincent, and a pissed off Tess. Check it out,below. Episode 16 airs tonight,March 21st at 8pm central time on the CW.

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