Vampire Diaries Season 4 Elena Turns Evil!

Vampire Diaries season 4, has officially released spoilers about the upcoming show, on how Elena becomes evil.

Hollywood Hills reports: As previously reported, TV Line, recently chatted with Vampire Diaries executive producer Julie Plec again , and she gave some more insight,spoilery details about this new evil side to Elena,and more. It turns out that she’ll definitely be going after what she wants and not have a care in the world.

To kick things off, Julie revealed that Elena is in a new happy place with this whole evil gig and it’ll be tough to bring her back from it,stating, “It’s safe to say that it’s going to be very difficult to bring her back from this place that she finds herself in, which ironically, in spite of it being relatively emotionless, is actually her new happy place because it is a place with no pain, no guilt, no suffering and no extremes other than just an appreciation for life as a vampire and a desire to feed.”

Next, she explained how evil Elena is different from her doppelganger vampire Katherine. It turns out Elena is more straight forward than Katherine,and more. Julie explained, “Everything Katherine does is a sexual manipulation, is in her own best interest, for her own survival. She will plead and flirt and tease and lie and mindfuck anyone and everyone in order to fill her own best interest.

Elena is more blunt and honest and, “It is what it is, and I am what I am and want what I want. And right now I would like to feed on that girl over there. And I resent you for trying to stop me.” Elena is just more direct about getting exactly what it is that she wants. She doesn’t need to rely on the tricks that Katherine has to pull out of her bag.”

Also, when asked if we’ll see a more fun and reckless Elena, Julie replied with “Yes, without a doubt. Elena has not had the easiest time of it, becoming a vampire. We didn’t want her to just jump right into the wish fulfillment side of vampirism, although I’m sure there’s plenty in the audience who would have enjoyed that. But that felt counter-intuitive to this character that we had defended so strongly as a human. Now, suddenly, we get to experience those things of what it’s like to be a vampire, party all night, never grow old, never die.”

Julie also revealed that we’re going to find out how Elena and Damon’s relationship will be effected by her new ,evil ways. She also hinted that there won’t be any sore feelings about Damon making her go evil after all the dust settles. However,for right now, evil Elena will be difficult for her friends deal with,especially Caroline.

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