The Bachelor Sean Lowe Stuns The Eligible Women That He Is A Virgin!

On the latest cover of US Weekly magazine, it features The Bachelor Sean Lowe, claiming that he us a virgin, and the girls are stunned when they learn that he is saving himself for marriage.

Jezebel reports: The Bachelor‘s Sean Lowe had sex in college, but he has since “embraced religion” and is a “born-again virgin.” Fun. Sean dated a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for three years and they never had sex; he is waiting for marriage.

But! Apparently he had some “pretty intense” makeout sessions on the show, including a kiss that broke the Guinness world record for longest onscreen kiss (3 min 16 sec). Still, the lady he’s engaged to now is “dying to” get him in bed and bang him like a drum. Yawn, you guys. Yawn. Also inside: former BFFs Katy Perry and Rihanna could not be seated near each other at the Grammys because Katy doesn’t approve of Chris Brown. Taylor Swift also had to be seated away from Katy Perry, since KP is with John Mayer now, and TSwizzle hooked up with The Player back in the day.

And! After Carrie Underwood performed, Taylor Swift didn’t get up for a standing ovation like everyone else did. The only other story of note in this issue is the one about how Mila Kunis has moved in with Ashton Kutcher. It’s filled with tidbits about how chill and low key she is: She threw AK a surprise birthday party that involved go kart racing and Umami Burger, and over the holidays, she hung out with his family in Iowa,”gamely” eating at (gasp) Red Lobster. Apparently Ashton’s friends and family love that she’s not a Hollywood Diva like Demi was. (And seriously, go kart racing? Burgers? James Van Der Beek? Win.)

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