Robert Pattinson To Leave Kristen Stewat In April!

Kristen Stewart is going to be left alone for a long time, when Robert Pattinson leaves to work on a new movie in April 2013.

Hollywood Hills reports: According to a new report from Hollywood Life and their sources,poor Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart will be split apart from her main squeeze Robert Pattinson even longer as he’s scheduled to start right back up,filming a new movie in April 2013. He’s currently filming “Rover” in Australia for two months.

The new movie he’ll be filming in April,is titled, “Mission: Blacklist,” and it will have him portraying real life character Eric Maddox. Eric was a real-life interrogator. Eric also wrote the book that the movie is based on. The movie will revolve around the capture of former ,evil Iraq dictator ,Saddam Hussein,so it definitely sounds like an interesting role for Rob. it was previously speculated that the movie might film in dangerous Iraq,but Embarkment Films, shot down that report,stating, “It will not be Iraq, they start shooting in April.”

Also, Eric Maddox is quite impressed with Rob as he told the press, “For me, it was a no-brainer. I said absolutely! Whatever you did to get that guy to be a part of this movie, I think it’s wonderful and I fully support it. We’re talking about a guy who is super famous and really popular.”

Now, back over to Kristen. We don’t think she’ll be sitting around on her butt ,waiting for Rob as it was reported that she’s due to film her new “Focus” comedy movie in April. However,if that movie gets pushed back,filming will start later.

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