Miley Cyrus Attacks Back At Love Ruining Antics Towards Her!

Even though rumors spread that Miley Cyrus and Ed Westwick were dating, she perfectly made it clear on her Twitter that they weren’t.

Gossip Center reports: After a report from the popular website included photos of the “Party in the U.S.A. singer and “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick.

Though none of the photos show the two actually together, Perez claimed they were seen “in the same car” and asked, “Did the Mileybird just up and decide it was time to bounce on fiance Liam Hemsworth??” He continued, “The two were spotted hanging out late Thursday night, as Ed made his way into the car where a bashful Miley was waiting. But not before the shutterbugs captured a few glistening moments of the shocking twosome.”

After viewing the report, the 20-year-old musician tweeted, “Hope you find love one day but can you not f**k with mine. I’ve never been [with] Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night working on my record and never left with anyone other than my assistant.”

In an attempt to shame the chatterbox, Ms. Cyrus admonished, “What happened to your big enlightenment… what happened to your promise to spread love not lies. And to be a decent human being with values and morals??? Dude you ask for people to respect you and your relationships I demand the same thing.”

Perhaps genuinely hurt, Miley added that Perez is “the first one to write about my engagement and my wedding and how happy u r for me and the first to try to tear my life.”

Ending on a positive note, she concluded, “Respect, love, & compassion are mandatory,” she pleaded before adding, “hope this message finds you happy and healthy.” The posts have since been deleted from her Twitter and Perez has backed off of his story due to the clarification from the former Disney darling.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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