Kristen Stewart Turns To Jodie Foster For Love Advice!

Kristen Stewart is supposedly turning to actress Jodie Foster for advice when it comes to love.

Showbiz Spy reports: The Twilight star — who  was caught cheat­ing on boyfriend Robert Pattinson in July — turned to her Panic Room costar to help her sort out her troubled love life.

“Kristen looks up to Jodie as a wise and cool older sister,” said a source.

“They have a strong bond, and whenever Kristen is stressed over something in her life, she calls up Jodie for advice.

“She  has been leaning on Jodie for support ever since the cheating episode last sum­mer.

“She pumped Jodie for advice on how to win Rob back, and she’s been crying to her about all the prob­lems they’ve been having.

“Without Jodie, Kristen would be lost. Thankfully, Jodie is steering her in the right direction. She’s been advising Kristen to give Rob space and not smother him.”

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