Kristen Stewart Sending Robert Pattinson Cheesy Love Letters!

Kristen Stewart is supposedly trying to get through to Robert Pattinson, as she is sending him love letters.

Hollywood Hills reports: According to Hollywood Life and their sources, Twilight Saga hottie Kristen Stewart is now rumored to have resorted from getting totally pissed off and angry at her main man Robert Pattinson to sending him very sweet and cheesy love letters while he’s filming his new “Rover” movie in the land down under, Australia.

Their sources told them, “Kristen wrote a long letter, explaining her love to Rob. Even if he can’t forgive her, he should know that she is closer to him than anyone else could ever be.” Wow!

That’s like so sweet,deep,and cheesy at the same time,which can be hard to pull off. Anyways, it’s also reported that Kristen has canceled her supposed flight that she was going to take over there after careful advisement from her handlers,who thought Kristen would just cause more unnecessary drama if she tried to visit Rob over there.

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