Khloe Kardashian 1 Million Dollar Baby, On It’s Way!

On the latest cover of OK! Magazine, supposedly three high-list celebrities are having babies, and that they are already preparing.

Jezebel reports: This week we learn that Khloe Kardashian Odom, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Giuliana Rancic are all having babies — someday. Just not now. Damn false positive headline. Not-pregnant-Kendra plans on having another baby because her son Hank IV wants a sibling; not-pregnant-Khloe is still trying to fill her womb with the next Kardashian heir; and not-pregnant-Giuliana bought some pink items from a children’s store.

Also, apparently Rihanna wants to go from “musical queen to baby mama,” and is trying to get pregnant with Chris Brown’s spawn because she thinks “that’s the best way to get Chris to put a ring on her finger,” shares a helpful insider. In real celebrity pregnancy news: Kimye found out that they’re having a baby boy, which they’re totes happy about because according to a friend, “Kim adores Mason, so she’s excited to have a little boy like him.”

Somewhere else in Hollywood, John Mayer went down on one knee and popped something — maybe it was THE QUESTION, maybe it was his ACL, we don’t know because the couple hasn’t confirmed an engagement. And finally, Mila Kunis proves that she is simply out of to give when it comes to your interest in her love life, answering Ok!’s interview question, “can we ask about love in general?” with a terse, “You can. Will I answer? No.” Love!

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