Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit, Editorial For Fashion Magazine!

Hailee Steinfeld, who is only sixteen years old, has a lot of experience with the industry of fashion and she sure shows it when it comes to modeling.

Daily Mail reports: So it’s no wonder past Oscar nominee looks so comfortable in the expensive clothing she was draped in for the March issue of Fashion magazine.

The actress looks striking in pieces that most teenagers wouldn’t even dream being able to wear as she discussed her favourite threads with the publication.

After appearing in a Chanel suit at Paris Fashion Week last week, the excited star said about mingling with designer Miuccia Prada: ‘We went out for dinner in Paris and she asked me to sit beside her. They cleared out the restaurant – she’s like royalty there.

 ‘I didn’t want to say much because I just wanted to hear her. Listening to Miuccia’s stories was kind of magical. Being a part of her world, even if only for a moment, made me feel cooler.’

The brunette – who is famed for her role in True Grit – may be petite but she makes sure she stands out in the large flower print red and white collared dress gown that helps make up her spread in the issue.

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