Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart’s Wedding Saved By Sexy Skypes!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s relationship is back on, and how their wedding is a go now, and how Skype saved their relationship.

Jezebel reports: Didn’t know the wedding was off. Didn’t know there was a wedding. This story says that Kristen and Rob have “sexy Skype sessions” and are “heading full-speed toward the altar,” which means they should be there by the time you finish reading this sentence. If a brooding actor leaves LA at 7am traveling by a plane flying at 800mph, how long will it take for the Ok! editors to realize that this story is not a story and they’ve cried wolf so many times that now NO1CURR? Also inside: Britney wants another kid, a source says, because she is “trying to fill a void.”

That’s what we should call pregnancy from now on. “Didja hear? Heather took a test and her void’s filled.” What else? Khloe is on hormone treatments and “looks pregnant” but it’s just swelling from injections. And finally, Jennifer Aniston is planning a “mommy makeover” for after she gives birth, and since she’s not even pregnant, this seems very cart before horse, no?

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