Kris Humphries Lawyers Watching Kim Kardashian Closely!

Kris Humphries lawyers are keep Kim Kardashian on a very close watch, to get information off of her.

Showbiz Spy reports: Kris Humphries‘ lawyers are apparently watching Kim’s reality show on E! so that they can gather all information necessary to question her at her upcoming deposition.

“Kris’ divorce attorneys, including Lee Hutton, and his staff of paralegals, faithfully watch the Kardashian reality shows so they will leave no stone unturned when she is questioned at her upcoming deposition,” a source told RadarOnline.

“The deposition will take place in the next several months, and it has been postponed several times because of scheduling issues on both sides.

“The delays are benefiting Kris’ team because it just gives them more ammunition for their case. You have Khloe whining to Kim on the current season of yet another Kardashian reality show airing on E!, about how long the divorce is taking and saying that Kris doesn’t talk, but barks like a dog. Kris believes that Kim and her family are using their reality shows to tarnish his name.

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