Kanye West Forcing Pregnant Kim Kardashian Away From Reality TV?

Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her first child, with boyfriend Kanye West is trying to reportedly get her away and off of the Reality show circuit!

Showbiz Spy reports: The rapper — who recently announced his girlfriend of nine months is expecting their first child in June — is uncomfortable about the idea of her documenting her pregnancy on her family’s series Keeping Up With The Kardashians but is willing to go along with it for now.

“You know Kanye is just rolling with the punches right now with everything,” a source said.

“He not tripping — YET! All this TV is new to him and Kim is explaining to him that everything is going to be OK and she’s encouraging him to just go with the fact that the pregnancy — or at least part of it — will be filmed.

“I know deep down, [Kanye] isn’t trying to pimp out his baby like that. He and Kim got way more than enough money to take care of 100 kids if they want to have that many. But he know that when it comes to Kim and her family, especially that mother of hers, it’s all business and that show is how they make their money. So he juggling all this [stuff] in his head right now, but he ain’t all hyped about it yet because it hasn’t gone down yet – the filming that is.

“Kanye is a man who acts on his own! People need to remember that. He doesn’t let nobody control what he does and when he told the world Kim was pregnant, he did it on his own accord.

That’s his baby – Kris Jenner didn’t get Kim pregnant. He did, so he will do what he wants to and when he wants to. There isn’t any beef, though, between Kanye and Kris. They’re cool as hell. Fact is, though, Kanye and Kim are calling all the shots with their baby. Nobody else!”

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