Cam Gigandet, Twilight, Being Slapped With A Law Suit!

Cam Gigandet from Twilight is being accused of smashing into another driver and now the actor is being slapped with a law suit.

Gosssip Center reports: The “Twilight” star reportedly rear-ended the vehicle driven by Jacqueline Nia along Santa Monica boulevard on January 28th, 2012.

In the complaint, Ms. Nia claims she incurred serious injuries as a result of the accident, which caused, “great physical, mental, and nervous pain, suffering, and anguish.”

Though she’s suing for unspecified damages, the plaintiff seeks medical expenses and lost wages from the 30-year-old actor. Luckily, Cam has a plethora of film projects lined up to cover him should he be ordered to pay.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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