Brandy Norwood Had No Idea About Her Surprise Engagement!

Brandy Norwood has been asked the big question she was so exited that she actually had no idea that she was going to be an engaged women.

Gossip Center reports: The singer/actress told press that she was completely taken by surprise; though she’s not sure her fiancé Ryan Press premeditated any of it.

Brandy explained, “It was a spontaneous thing for my fiancé. He just felt it.” The newly-betrothed couple rang in 2013 from Las Vegas.

As for the all-important left-hand sparkler, “He worked really hard on the ring. I’m not a big diamond girl, but I really love this diamond he did. It just represents how he feels about me, and I’m really blessed to have someone like him in my life. He’s truly a gift.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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