Brooke Mueller Officially Out Of Rehab Just Under 6 Days!

Brooke Mueller is officially out of rehab, and this time it’s in record time, the addict only took six days to escape.

TMZ reports: Brooke spent 6 days for her addiction to Adderall … which sent her off the rails. It’s the 19th time Brooke has been in rehab, so she clearly has a problem.

Sources say her mission this time around was to detox, which can certainly resolve immediate addiction issues, but such a short stay does not deal with underlying problems. Brooke does, however, have ongoing psychological outpatient treatment. She says she’s feeling much better.

As for her twins, we’ve learned they’re back in her custody. As we first reported, Brooke gave Bob and Max to Denise Richards Charlie Sheen‘s second ex — to care for them while she was detoxing, but Brooke went nuclear when Denise asked if she could take the kids to Charlie’s XMAS party. Brooke’s mom picked the kids up the next day.

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