Taylor Swift Goes To Her Friends For Guy Advice!

Taylor Swift has a committee of girlfriends that she goes to, to get advice from them about her potential boyfriends.

Showbiz Spy reports: The singer — who was recently linked to Harry Styles following her split from beau Conor Kennedy — makes decisions about her love life entirely based on what her close group of girlfriends think and says they come up with solutions to problems together.

“I am totally a girl’s girl! My girlfriends have stopped me from making a lot of bad choices,” she said.

“Your girlfriends are objective, they don’t feel the desperate passionate feelings you’re feeling.

“They just see that he cheated on you, he lied about it – and you still consider this as a viable option? We are totally those girls who say, ‘He said he wants me back, do I text him back?

“Do I not text him back What do I do? Freeze him out? Yeah, OK, freeze him out’. It’s a committee.”

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