Pippa Middleton Embarrasses The Royal Family!

The Royal family is outrageously embarrassed because of the Duchess of Cambridge sister Pippa Middleton’s party planning book.

Showbiz Spy reports: The single sister of Kate Middleton — who’s married to Prince William — is being accused of cashing in on her royal connections after being paid a whopping $600,000 advance for the how-to-guide party book, Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends.

“Kate and Prince William must be mortified over the book,” said a source.

“If Pippa had any decency at all she’d hand the money back to the publishers.

“It’s a guide that’s geared more toward a third-grader than the adult public, and it’s quickly become the biggest joke in the book world.

“The palace objected to Pippa’s writing project, but she went ahead with it anyway.

“Now she’s getting raked over the coals for it. It’s extremely demoralizing for Pippa, her family and the royals.

“She’s decided to lay low in London until the backlash dies down. And if reviewers and wildly disappointed readers continue the bashing, that could take years.”

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