Cameron Diaz Enjoys Racy Scenes Feels More Empowered!

Cameron Diaz says she finds it empowering to be in photo shoots, that are racy and lets her go wild.

Showbiz Spy reports: The actress is comfortable in her skin and gets a buzz from stripping down to her underwear when she is modeling.

“It’s empowering,” she said. “I’m not some young girl with the photographer going, ‘Will you take your clothes off?’ I’m like [mimes stripping], ‘How does this look?’

“They’re like, ‘Today we’re not going to put anything other than bras and heels on you,’ and I’m like, ‘These heels are not high enough.’

“I’m a woman, I know how to handle myself. I know what I feel comfortable doing and I know my sexuality.

“I think every woman does want to be objectified. There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think its healthy.”

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