‘The Bachelorette” Emily Maynard & Jef Holm Appearnce For New York’s Fashion Week!

Emily Maynard who choose her fiancé Jef Holm from The Bachelorette and how they all are adjusting to the new love in Charlotte, North Carolina, are in New York City for Fashion Week.

OK Magazine reports: Well, it appears suspicious minds are weighing heavily on the pert, blonde pair as we spied Jef ask Emily’s rep for her cell phone while she was busy conducting another interview. The flustered rep first brought over his i-Phone, but he quickly corrected her and said he wanted to see his fiance’s phone, not his.

The rep handed over Emily’s, Jef unlocked it and turned away from us and started scrolling through the iPhone.

Last month, Jef and Emily shook off cheating allegations when Jef’s brother, Mike, revealed to UsWeekly his brother found steamy text messages from another man.

Jef was so shocked, Mike said, that the pair erupted into a nasty fight during a Holm family vacation which almost resulted in a split.

The duo quickly released a statement saying Mike was full of lies, their relationship is perfect and Emily has never been unfaithful.

Meanwhile, the Bachelorette talked about how she’d found her ideal mate in the Utah native.

“I love being around Jef. He makes me feel so good about myself,” she gushed. “Everything that I’ve wanted to have in a relationship — or didn’t even know existed in relationships — he gives me. It’s like having my best friend in the whole world to hang out with every day.”

She wants to wear a “fabulous” gown during during their wedding (but wouldn’t give any time frame on when the big day would be) and wants her daughter to be a part of the ceremony, too.

Meanwhile, Jef told us he absolutely wants to start a family with Emily and there’s absolutely no question about their future priorities are in line.

“I’m so sure about what I want with her and she’s so sure about what she wants with me,” he said. “Life is great right now.”

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