Britney Spears Drops The “F” Word On The X Factor!

During a taping last night of The X Factor, a thunderstorm broke out and petrified judge Britney Spears out of her mind.

People reports: Last night during The X Factor when a loud thunder storm interrupted contestant Krysten Colon’s audition, Britney was so surprised, she couldn’t help but start cursing.

She proclaimed, “Oh my God! That was f**king scary as hell.” Then she added, “We need to get out of here.”

Britney later apologized on Twitter for dropping the F-bomb on air. First, she Tweeted about the storm to her 20 million-plus followers. “The storm that’s coming… y’all!! It was terrifying! Scared me half to DEATH =O”

Then the pop star added, “Pardon my french there, but I hope u all enjoyed that! Back in a bit to tweet with the West Coast. Xo”

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