Yolanda Saldivar Real Murderer Has Not Seen The Movie

The real murder of Selena, Yolanda Saldivar has stated a comment about the sad death of the women that portrayed her in the movie, because she has never seen the movie.

TMZ reports: Yolanda — the former President of Selena’s fan club — is currently locked up in a Texas prison .. serving out a life sentence for killing the 23-year-old singer in 1995. She was portrayed in the 1997 biopic “Selena” by Lupe Ontiveros.

After Lupe passed away this week, we reached out to Yolanda’s family to see if she had any thoughts on the actress’ death.

Yolanda’s brother told us … nobody in the family had ever seen the movie because they believe it’s “filled with lies” about Yolanda.

Still, Yolanda’s brother says the family never felt any ill will towards Lupe … because she was an actress and was only “doing what she was told.”

As for Yolanda, who is now 51-years-old — her brother tells us she’s still in solitary confinement out of fear for her safety … but insists she’s “doing well.”

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