‘Magic Mike’ Olivia Munn On The Cover Of Ocean Drive

Olivia Munn is featured in the May/June 2012 issue of Ocean Drive. Her new film Magic Mike releases June 29.

In the issue Olivia talks her character Joanna in Magic Mike:

“Like her, I don’t like to be forced into anything, particularly a forced intimacy. As Joanna says, ‘Sometimes you’re the girl and I’m the guy.’ I love that she pushes against the stereotype, that she refuses to stay within the box that people, especially other women, want to put her in. Joanna doesn’t shy away from all the parts of herself, including her sexuality. And neither do I.”

She also talks life lessons that she’s learned from her mother Kim Schmid:

“My mom was blunt. ‘Don’t get pregnant.’ ‘Don’t do drugs.’ But she also said just as often, ‘Always make a name for yourself, don’t just become someone’s wife.’ That’s how she influenced me. I work really hard to come up on my own merits.”

Olivia also talks not taking life so seriously:

“I think people downplay just how important it is to be entertaining. Especially in this day and age. We need to laugh, we need an escape from what is going on. It’s always been a lifesaver for me.”

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