National Enquirer – Oprah’s Secret Marriage

On this issue of National Enquirer, it stats that there is a new marriage into the Swayze family. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries wedding; was it all a scam, the magazine is stating that it has printed proof that it was.

Major headlines are that Dancing with the Stars candidate Chaz Bono has only four years to live, and that he is suffering from liver damage, and the accusation that DWTS’ made his health worst. Also inside the magazine it the real truth about Herman Cain, JFK’ mistress is found murder.

Now supposedly Oprah, who everyone is become to love and look up to, has a big secret, a shocker! Oprah has a husband? The marriage shocker. How she has had a secret husband for 30 years that she has been hiding! So now her husband exclusively talks to the National Enquirer.

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