Will Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasco Get Engaged?

Ethan Zohn winner of Survivor Africa and Jenna Morasca who won the Amazon, together eight years and they have been through a lot together, with his battle towards Hodgkins Diseace and her Mother’s death from cancer, now the champs just want to get away from it all and could this be the next step in their relationship, Zohn who is 37 and Morasca who is 30 they will compete against 10 teams this Fall season of the Amazing Race, airing date September 25 on CB, he has said that it may be the right place to do this, and she had commented saying a proposal may be something we should think about, also they are happy to be healthy and just to travel the world and the hopes of winning one million dollars, being on the race well it’s not like last year when I was in a bed on a pump this is a celebration of life and I’m with the one I love, we have prepared for the race, also they will appear on Everyday Health which stars Laila Ali on ABC, this will be the first time they will be seen together in public as a couple.

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