This Is What A Love Split Can Do, Your Life Goes Spiraling Down

Jessie Wallace, an English actress best known for her portrayal as Kat Moon in the BBC One Soap Opera East Enders, she was born in Enfield, North London, after she came to fame, her personal life started being the focus of Tabloid Newspapers, because of her relationship with Majorca an Ex Criminal Paul Whitworth, she was warned by the BBC Executives, so she spilt with him, then had a romance with 25 year old American Andy Burton, who then sold his story,  Wallace who was suspended from the EastEnders by the BBC for drinking, partying and unfavorable publicity, she then returned to the show, again she was arrested while driving one and a half times past the limit, BBC offered to get her counseling, but while at county court she moved in with Dave Morgan when she claimed she was pregnant, she gave birth to a daughter Tallulah, then the couple split lawyers put a Gag Order on Morgan,

Then later in 2007, she was admitted she took Ketaminr regularly, she was shut away from the world , her mood Deeping each day, her friends saying her career is tumbling towards an emotional meltdown, she had also dumped Vince Morse just before the wedding, for this she has not eat or sleep she  is begging for her ex to take her back, her friends say she is fragile looking like she will crack, she needs professional help, she has cried for days, her life is taking a toll on her, she is felling trapped, she has taken screaming fits, stamping her feet, throwing feet friends of hers are so worried that she is on the brink of losing it

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