Meat Loaf Collaspes On Stage

Meat Loaf, Michael Lee Ardy (born as Marvin Lee Aday) an American actor and rock musician, Better known for his Bat 0ut Of Hell, Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out Of Hell 111, The Monster Is Loose, which has sold over 200,000 copies yearly, and also for nine years was on the charts as bestselling album of all time.
Now Rock Star Meat Loaf, after collapsing on stage at a Pittsburgh concert, as he was singing Los Angeloser, the 63 year old fainted, at the Station Square amphitheater, after fainting he somehow finished the show, medics rushed to him , helping him as he was laying on the ground for minutes.
His Guilty Pleasure Tour starts in Australia beginning October 4th, Meat loaf born Michael Aday tweeted thanks to his fans, thanks of all your concerns, I’m fine now see you at Ohio State Fair tomorrow night, he has had a few mishaps, while onstage he broke his leg in Ottawa Canada at a concert, and at a Demark concert he was suffering Sunstroke.

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